APWA – Distinguished Service Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize our collegues who:  promote and enhance the purposes of APWA.  This award is regarded as the highest honor that APWA can bestow.  This honor is intended to indicate to the greatest possible extent the Association’s esteem, respect and regard.

 Eligibility:  APWA Big Bend Branch membership is required.  Candidates must be persons who would reflect prestige and honor upon APWA.  This award may be presented in recognition of acknowledged service and well-established preeminence in the field of public works, and/or contributions of special merit and benefit to APWA.  Group nomination is permissible.  Awards Committee members are not eligible for this award.

Selection:  The Awards Committee will carefully review the nominations and select the winner.  The award will be held at the awards banquet.

 Nomination Process:  The nomination form shall be submitted by APWA Big Bend Branch members.

Click HERE to get the application and the rules in PDF.