Below is a list to our recent speakers:

2/2/2017– Guest Speaker: Chad Turner (Nobles Consulting Group) Topic: Innovative Surveying Techniques. The presentation will cover the various 3D technologies that are used for Surveying and Mapping. The main tools or technologies that will be discussed are: 3D laser scanners, UAV’s, GIS, 3D modeling, photography and 3D printing. The presentation will show examples of different design projects over the years using these technologies.

1/5/2017– No Meeting

12/1/2016– Holiday Lunch

11/3/2016– Guest Speaker: Cris Revell (City of Tallahassee). Hurricane Hermine’s winds caused numerous trees and limbs to impact roads, electric infrastructure, and rights of way within the City of Tallahassee and Leon County. This storm was the first hurricane to strike Tallahassee since Hurricane Kate in 1985. We will discuss the City of Tallahassee’s response in regards to vegetation removal after the storm and the difference in tree impacts between Hurricane Hermine and Hurricane Kate.

10/5/16– Guest Speaker: Alisha Wetherell (District Representative, Big Bend Branch). Alisha Wetherell, our District Representative, will be going over plans for the Florida Chapter Expo we’re hosting next year. The Florida Public Works Expo attracts hundreds of Public Works professionals from the State of Florida and the Southeast. There will be a variety of Technical Sessions offering CEUs and PDHs as well as a Trade Show featuring state-of-the-art equipment, products, and services from over 100 suppliers and manufacturers. There will be plenty of opportunities to network during events like the golf tournament, Equipment Road-E-O, and Awards Banquet. Come learn how you and your agency can benefit from participating in this incredible event! $10 buys you pizza and a drink.

08/04/2016– Robert Kramer of Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions. spoke on “Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions”. Robert Kramer provided an educational presentation describing how major advances in digital print systems are capable of producing compliant and durable traffic and work zone signs. Mr. Kramer illustrated that digitally produced signs meet or exceed the requirements for retroreflectivity and color requirements. Furthermore, the presentation explained what systems are available today. Finally, it was explained to the attendees how to update their specifications to ensure sign compliance and durability.

07/07/2016– Simon Jones of Precision Sidewalk Safety Corp. spoke on “Precision Sidewalk Safety”. He was presenting a joint case study performed by the City of Jacksonville and Precision Sidewalk Safety. The study is from the City of Jacksonville’s perspective on their Sidewalk Program and their implementation of using Precision Sidewalk Safety. The study shows the City of Jacksonville’s experiences with different sidewalk trip hazard repair methods and the impact of their Sidewalk Program. Simon Jones has over 15 years in customer service and became an account executive for Precision Sidewalk Safety in 2014.

06/02/2016– Chris Landt of Contech spoke on “Stormwater Detention/Retention”.This presentation will focus on design issues associated with underground detention / retention systems and the differing types of treatment available for compliance with existing stormwater regulations. Hydrodynamic separation, filtration, and biofiltration will be discussed. Emphasis on nutrient removal technologies is given. Chris is a Stormwater Consultant and Regulatory Manager in Contech’s Southeast Region. He has seventeen years of experience in the stormwater treatment field.