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September 2015

RE:  Become a Friend of the Big Bend Branch APWA; Project of the Year Awards
Get the Application in PDF and show support of the Big Bend Branch!

As Chairman of the Big Bend Branch of the American Public Works Association (APWA), I would like to personally invite you and your company to become a friend or member of our organization and provide sponsorships for the future events.  We have a very active year planned and we cannot do it without your participation and support.  We have two major events planned: the Awards Banquet and the Equipment Road-E-O, in addition to the monthly lunch meetings.

The APWA is an international, educational and professional association of public agencies, private sector companies, and individuals dedicated to providing high quality of public works projects and services.  Originally chartered in 1937, APWA is the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the world.  APWA provides a forum in which public works professionals can exchange ideas, improve professional competency, increase the performance of their agencies and companies, and bring important public works-related topics to public attention.

Education is the future of our nation and it is the cornerstone of APWA’s mission as a professional organization. In 2008, the APWA Florida Chapter implemented the APWA Public Works Institute program partnering with Indian River State College to provide leadership, management, and operational training. To encourage participation in this and many other programs for furthering the Public Works as a solid industry, the APWA Florida Chapter awards $1,000 academic scholarships and the Big Bend Branch awards $500 scholarships to qualified APWA members. In the past our branch has awarded as many as six scholarships to members in a single year, and we aim to maintain the same level of scholarships awarded for 2013.

The events planned in 2013 are tailored to recognize our works, provide interaction between disciplines, and offer a helping hand to those members seeking higher education.

The 5th annual awards banquet will take place in March of 2016.  The Awards Program is an opportunity for APWA to recognize public and private organizations and individuals for outstanding accomplishments.  Local award winners (for certain categories) will be subsequently submitted to the State Chapter for further review and recognition, maybe even for national awards.

 The following forms are attached for your use:

  • Sponsorship Form
  • Project of the Year Award Nomination Form
  • Distinguished Service to Public Works Award Nomination Form

In April 2011, one of our local projects, the Sinkhole Remediation – Capital Cascade Park, won the State Chapter recognition for Project of the Year on “Emergency Construction/Repair” category. Congratulations to Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency and EGS, Inc. for an outstanding project!  This past year Capital Cascades Park won, Local, State and National Awards. It was a great record and we hope 2016 will be even more exciting!

The 17th Annual Equipment Road-E-O will take place during the National Public Works week of May 20-24, 2013.  Each year, we invite Public Works professionals from across the Florida Panhandle to join us to demonstrate and compete with equipment operation and problem solving skills used regularly in Public Works. This is the perfect opportunity for vendors to display equipment and showcase new technology to users and managers for future purchasing consideration.

From the above summary, we have planned an exciting and ambitious agenda for 2013 and we will not be able to achieve success without your participation.  We would like to ask for a contribution for the 2013 activities year in return for many opportunities for your company to have exposure and advertising as a friend of APWA.  There are many advantages to being a friend of APWA, as well as supporting scholarship opportunities in the public works field.  Attached please find the application form and details of each level of support.  Please see our web home page at for more details.

Thank you in advance for your support and contribution.

Jeff Roberts, P.E.

2015-2016 Branch Chairman

Big Bend Branch of the APWA Florida Chapter

Get the Application in PDF and show support of the Big Bend Branch!