Past Award Winners


  • Killearn Lake Municipal Sewer Improvements: Environmental/Stormwater
  • I-10 Widening Project at US-27: Transportation
  • Meginnis Arm Spillway Repair: Structure
  • Orange Avenue Reconstruction: Best Performance
  • Buck Lake Road Improvements: Multi-function


  • Martha Wellman Park & Regional Stormwater Facility: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Capital Circle Southeast: Transportation
  • Meginnis Arm Spillway Repair: Structure
  • Cloudland Drive Slope Failure Repair: Beautification
  • Bond Community Neighborhood Enhancements: Multi-function


  • Shamrock/Edenderry Stormwater Improvements: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Meridian Road Intersection Improvements: Transportation
    Lake Henrietta Pedestrian Trail Bridge: Structure
  • Sinkhole Remediation – Cascade Park: Emergency Construction Repair
  • Windsong Drainage Conveyance Repairs: Beautification
  • City of Carrabelle Water Line Repair: Best Performance
  • Timberlane Road Intersection Improvements: Multi Function


  • Lawdale Drainage Improvement: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Killearn Lakes Sidewalk and Safety Improvement: Transportation
  • Culvert and Weir Repair at Park Ave at Black Swamp: Emergency Construction
  • Gaines Street Improvement: Best Performance/Multi fuction (State: Transportation)
  • Pedrick Road Trail Pond: Best Performance
  • Mabry and Robert Road Intersection: In House Maintenance


  • TimberLake Stormwater Improvement: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Fleischman/Miccosukee Round about: Transportation
  • Stone House Road Drainage Improvement: Emergency Construction Repair
  • Fifth Avenue Plaza: Beautification
  • Sharer Road Outfall Improvement: Best Performance
  • Buck Lake Road (Davis to Pedrick): Multi Function
  • Salem Road Culvert Replacement: In House Maintenance


  • Killearney Way at Shamrock Stormwater Street Improvements: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Lafayette Magnolia Intersection: Transportation
  • Public Safety Complex: Structure (State Winners)
  • Killearn Acres Middle Drainage Basin Drainage Improvements: Emergency Repair
  • I-10 Intersection: Beautification
  • Gaines Street Segment II: Best Performance
  • Franklin Blvd. Drainge Improvements: Multi Function
  • Heritage Sidewalk Project: In House Enhancement (State Winner)
  • Econfina Springs (State Winner level only)


  • Bradfordville Pond 4 Outfall Structure and Sheet Pile Wall (Lauder Pond Outfall Improvement Structure): Environmental/Stormwater
  • BP14 Feeder Project: Environmental
  • TLH Regional Airport Runway 18-36 Improvement Project: Transportation
  • Public Safety Complex: Structure (State Winners)
  • Roadway Collapse – Surgeons Drive: Emergency Repair
  • Lafayette Street Phase III and IV: Beautification
  • Lafayette Street Phase II: Best Performance
  • Cascade Park : Multi Function


  • Limerick Drive Stormwater System Improvements: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Kinhega Drive Roundabout Improvements: Transportation
  • Crump Road Emergency Culvert Replacement: Emergency Repair
  • Drainage Operations Repair and Rehabilitation Program: In House Enhancement (State Winner)


  • Lakeview Drive: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Old Bainbridge and Pullen Road: Intersection Improvement: Transportation
  • Capital Cascades Crossing: Structure ($5M to 25M)
  • Natural Bridge Road: Structure (Less Than $5M)
  • Fred George Basin Greenway & Park: Beautification
  • Shell Point Boat Ramp: Best Performance (State Winner)
  • Capital Cascades Segment 3 & FAMU Way: Multi Function (State Winner)
  • Edison: Historical


  • Robinson Road Flood Relief: Environmental/Stormwater
  • Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trial Phase 6: Beautification
  • Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail Phase I: Multi-Function
  • Lake Heritage Dam Improvements: Emergency Construction/Repair


  • Natural Bridge Road Sidewalk Less Than $5 M ENVIRONMENTAL
    Sessions Road Sidewalk Project Less Than 5M TRANSPORTATION
  • Flipper Street Sidewalk Project Less Than $5 MULTI-FUNCTION (State Winner)
  • Ross Road Drainage Improvements Less Than $5 M IN-HOUSE MAINTENANCE
  • City-wide ADA Repairs and Retrofit Greater Than $5 M IN-HOUSE MAINTENANCE
  • Tallahassee Solar Farm Greater Than $25 M ENVIRONMENTAL
  • Way Phase 2 Roadway Improvements & Capital Cascades Trail Segment 3d‐A Greater Than $5 M MULTI-FUNCTION FAMU (State Winner)


  • Woodside Heights Waster Water Retrofit Less Than $5 M ENVIRONMENTAL
  • Lower Central Drainage Ditch Erosion Control $5 M Less Than $25 M ENVIRONMENTAL
  • Tallahassee Two Solar Farm  and Substation 34  Greater Than $75 M  ENVIRONMENTAL
  • Orange Ave. / Meridian St. Site Improvements Less Than $ 5 M  BEAUTIFICATION.
  • Indian Mounds Road Sidewalk Less Than $5 MULTI-FUNCTION
  • Modred Lane Less Than $5 M IN-HOUSE MAINTENANCE
  • Glenview Drive Sidewalk Improvements Less Than $5 M MULTIFUNCTION
  • Short Street Stormwater Outfall Project Less Than $5 M BEST PERFORMANCE
  • Centerville Road Forcemain Replacement Less Than $5 M EMERGENCY REPAIR/ CONSTRUCTION


  • Meridian Road Drainage Improvementst Less Than $5 M ENVIRONMENTAL
  • Crowder Road Sidewalk  Less Than $5 M TRANSPORTATION
  • Centerville Trace Dam Restoration Less Than $5 M EMERGENCY REPAIR/ CONSTRUCTION
  • Bradfordville Volunteer Fire Department Less Than $ 5 M  STRUCTURES
  • Weems Road Extension Greater Than $5 TRANSPORTATION
  • Weems Road Pass Phase 2 Greater than Than $5 M TRANSPORTATION
  • Old Bainbridge Safety Improvement Less Than $5 M BEST PERFORMANCE