Below is a list to our recent speakers:

10/4/2018– Guest Speaker: Jon Hansen with Wagners Topic: Composite Fibre Technologies. Composite Fibre Technologies that is utilized in pedestrian infrastructure and small to medium span bridges.

9/6/2018– Guest Speaker: Jeremiah Slaymaker with Wantman Group Topic: Emerging technology that is utilized in the Geospatial industry. The topics include mobile LiDAR, static LiDAR, drone mapping, and unmanned bathymetric surveying.

8/7/2018– Guest Speaker: Kyle Brown with DRMP Topic:“Acension Island Runway Project”. case study of the full-depth runway replacement design for Ascension Auxiliary Airfield. Located 500 miles below the equator in the South Atlantic Ocean,.

2/1/2018– Guest Speaker: Mary Anne Koos (FDOT) Topic: Florida Greenbook Updates and FHWA revisions. The presentation will cover This will cover the updates to the Florida Green book.

1/8/2018– Guest Speakers: Charlie Johnson with Wood and Partners and Ben Lennon with DRMP. The topic will focus on Phase 6 of the Magnolia Trail Project. The presentation showed the project frm concept to construction and all the way to completion. They spoke about the benefits of this project to the community, and the multimodal connection within south Tallahassee.